Best Masada and Dead Sea hotels (+ discount codes!)

Looking for hotels or camping options in the Dead Sea and Masada area? (The Judaean Desert). I’m going to share some tips and recommendations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Should you sleep in Jerusalem or in a hotel at the Dead Sea?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you’ll be sleeping in the Judaean Desert. You have two options:

The first is a one-day tour leaving from Jerusalem or even Tel Aviv. As far as I know, this is the most popular day tour outside Jerusalem. You can visit Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea all in one day.

You will spend three to three and a half hours on the road. If the trip is done from Tel Aviv you’ll be on the road for five and a half hours.

The second option is to sleep out in the Judaean Desert.

There are three main factors you need to take into consideration when deciding what you’re going to do:

  • The first is how much time you have. If you’re only visiting Israel for three days, just do it as a day tour from Jerusalem. I would say that if you only have limited time in Israel, then visiting Masada and the Dead Sea is more interesting than spending a day in Tel Aviv.
  • The second factor is the season and where you’ll be coming from. If you’re coming from somewhere cold and visiting in winter, let’s say from November to March, then you will really appreciate the nice warm sun.
  • The most important factor, however, is whether or not you like the desert. If you do, you will find this post very helpful.

Metzoke Dragot hotel

When Israelis think about Dead Sea hotels, they think about the hotels in Ein Bokek. I want to start with Metzoke Dragot.

Metzoke Dragot is the furthest north of the places I’ll be recommending to you.

You have a few different accommodation options, from camping to mid-range. The most affordable option is sleeping on mattresses in a large tent, but you will need to bring your own bedding. There are travelers’ rooms, and there are upgraded rooms with a view of the Dead Sea. The price for a simple room for two is about $130 a night and $220 for the rooms with the crazy Dead Sea view. I think that in terms of value for money, this is the best place I’ll be showing you in this video. The only downside is that you need a car. Without a car I would probably recommend Ein Gedi, as the sea and nature reserve is much more accessible there.

I have even got a 20% discount code for the travelers’ rooms and a 10% discount code for the upgraded rooms in my new Masada tour. The code is valid only for the best days to visit the area: Sundays to Wednesdays. That way you will pay less and enjoy the sites without the crowds.

Metzoke Dragot

Ein Gedi accommodation

There are three options I like to recommend: Hotel Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi Camp Lodge, and Badolina. Kibbutz Ein Gedi is a beautiful kibbutz with a botanical garden. You have Ein Gedi national park right next to you and you’re in a place where Israelis actually live. In Ein Bokek, you only have hotels, and personally I’m not a big fan of these tourist areas where there aren’t any locals.


In Badolina you have big tents with air conditioning. There are also the Badolinot, which are these small wooden cabins. There are shared clean bathrooms and showers and a really nice bar. The price for a badolina is about $150 per night for two people and there are the big tents for 8 people for the same price.


Ein Gedi Camp Lodge

Ein Gedi Camp Lodge accommodates the same kind of travelers. There is a nice bar and a shared kitchen, as well as clean shared toilets. As for sleeping options, there are these tents and there are the VW vans. The price is about the same, at $150 a night.

Ein Gedi Camp Lodge

Hotel Ein Gedi

Hotel Ein Gedi will suit people who want a hotel with all the facilities that come with it. There is a nice swimming pool and a spa but the thing I like most about this hotel is not the facilities but the surroundings. And even more so, the kind of people who appreciate it. A hotel room is a hotel room, but the surroundings are what travelers really remember. And this hotel is in a beautiful garden which is part of the kibbutz itself. The price starts at about $260 a night and goes up to about $400.

Hotel Ein Gedi

Dead Sea Hotels

If you want to be able to walk from the sea to your room in just a minute or two, then you need to book a hotel in the Ein Bokek area. The best hotel is Isrotel Nevo. My favorite mid-range hotel is Isrotel Noga, also known by its old name, Isrotel Ganim.

If you’re planning to visit this area then you must visit Masada. Check out my Masada tour. Inside the tour you will find 10% discount codes for Abraham hostels and tours (including Masada tours from Jeursalem and Tel Aviv) and a 10% discount code for rooms in Metzoke Dragot from Sunday to Wednesday.

Isrotel Nevo

Isrotel Noga