Cabins in the Judaean Desert

When Israelis think about sleeping in the Judaean Desert the first thing they think of is the hotels on the Dead Sea, but there are other options, including cabins in Neot HaKikar. (In Israel the cabins are called zimmerim).

Located 20 minutes away from the Dead Sea, the Neot HaKikar area has some nice walking and biking trails. All the zimmerim have kitchens and there is a small supermarket in the village. Personally I prefer to stay in zimmerim for two reasons: they offer a more personalized experience and the money goes to individual families. I have added the hotel of Ein Gedi to the list because although a hotel it is located not on the shore of the Dead Sea but in the relaxed atmosphere of the kibbutz.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

(Inside Kibbutz Ein Gedi, 120 rooms, starting at $200)
The rooms of this hotel are pretty basic (some would say too basic) but the surroundings are beautiful. The views over the desert cliffs and green botanical garden surrounding the hotel make for a very pleasant atmosphere. The hotel is inside the kibbutz, two kilometers (1.25 miles) from the nature reserve. There are shuttles running from the hotel to the Dead Sea beach.

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Ein Gedi Hotel

Belfer’s Dead Sea Cabins

Offers three wooden cabins from 600 shekels per night.
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אצל בלפר
Photo from the hotel’s website.

Gordon’s Guest Rooms

Offers two apartments. Prices start at 500 shekels per night.
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Photo from the hotel’s website.

Korin’s At the Dead Sea

Offers two apartments from 700 shekels per night.
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Photo from the hotel’s website.

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