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The Best Hotels & Hostels in Israel

Booking a hotel or hostel has never been so easy, but I decided to write this accommodation guide because there are some important things you need to know about getting a roof over your head in Israel.

Tel Aviv:


Galilee and the desert:

One of the biggest expenses when traveling is hotels, and this is particularly true of Israel.

Hotels are uncommonly expensive here (the average price of a hotel is $240 per night).

Many travelers complain that they would have expected more for the price they paid. After talking to literally hundreds of tourists, I have come to the conclusion that if you just want a clean, affordable room, then a private room in a hostel is by far the best option. 

There is no such thing as THE BEST hotel.

It is all about what is right for you and a random recommendation won’t give you all the information you need.
I’m not just talking about the budget. Let’s say you’re looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv.
What is important to you?
– Do you want to be able to see the sea from your room and be located right on the promenade?
– Do you like markets and want to be a stone’s throw from the flea market?  – Or do you see Tel Aviv as a base for other tours and prefer to be close to Ayalon (the main highway that runs through Tel Aviv) and the train station?

If you’ll be sleeping outside the cities, in the Negev or the Galilee, then I’d recommend going for a different kind of accommodation, such as chavot bodedim, which means “lonesome farms”, or airuach kibbutzi, which involves sleeping in hotels in kibbutzim.

My recommendations are intended for international tourists, or what we refer to as F.I.T.s (foreign independent tourists). For business people, Israelis or groups, I would make different recommendations.

I’ve also written about places that are usually beyond the reach of the average foreign tourist, so check to see where you’re located on the map at the end of each section.

At the end of the day, you spend quite a lot of time in your accommodation, and you almost always eat there, so it should be good.