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Planning your visit

You know those spontaneous people—they get on a flight without planning too much, letting fate decide their path?

I’m not one of them (and I probably wouldn’t have created this website if I was).

Planning your trip to Israel in advance can help save you money, allow you to enjoy your trip more and gain a greater understanding of where you’re traveling to and what you’re seeing.

Itineraries should be flexible, but it’s always good to start with a solid, basic itinerary.

The basics:

Transportation in Israel

Boring but important. How to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? And how to get to the sites? All you need to know about transportation:

Israeli society

Israel is a very special destination because of the sites, the history, the religious monuments, but at the end of the day, it is Israeli society that tourists find the most interesting.

I have a dedicated section in the menu about Israeli society, but here are a few posts that will help you to plan better and prepare you for the culture shock.

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