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The problem is that without understanding what you’re looking at, you will get a lot less out of your trip. In Israel you need a guide of some sort.

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in Google Play and in the App Store

Here are the tours I offer:

Self-guided video tours

 I offer 4 different tours in Jerusalem:

My app ‘Jerusalem with Oren’

here you will find all four of my Jerusalem tours along with my recommendations for food, shops and money exchange places as well as discount codes for the Abraham hostels and tours.
Purchase here, in Google Play and in the App Store for $39. Sale! Only $19!
(This is where I will add the best value for money sign 🙂)

Private tour in Jerusalem

I offer private tours for $550. Contact me for more information.

You can download the app in Google play and the app store. Maybe in the future I will add more tours about other places but for now the app is only about Jerusalem.

I have also written booklets on my three most popular tours:

* Jerusalem (only Mount of Olives and the Old city),
* Tel Aviv
* Judaean Desert (Masada and the Dead Sea)

Each booklet will lead you step by step through the most interesting sites with in-depth explanations, maps, photos and graphics, which will allow you to understand and enjoy the stories Israel has to offer.

The booklets are available as a PDF ($12.90) and in hard copy ($22.90). If you order the hard copy you will get the PDF version for free.

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