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Welcome to my small shop!

Traveling to Israel is not a cheap experience and without a guide of any sort,

you will be walking around Israel as if you were in a museum with the lights switched off. 

You need guidance. 

Check out this short video for all the information.

My video tours and booklets will allow you to enjoy the fascinating sites in Israel at your own pace and at an affordable price.

I’ve stopped selling my tours in my app and started selling them here as this allows me more flexibility, like selling each tour separately and, even better, offering the tours as bundles, which will save you money. 

I’ve also added the option of downloading the tours to two devices, which will save you even more money.

If you prefer reading, you can purchase my tours as booklets – as a pdf or hard copy.

My Jaffa tour is still in the making. In the meantime, buy my Jerusalem tours for two devices ($39) and I’ll send you the Jaffa tour for free once I’ve finished at the end of September. In October the price of the tours will be raised to $59

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